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July 7, 2013

Add a Contact Form to your blog

Its been a long time since my last post and I am here today with a come back article. :)
This time I would like to write about a new widget i.e. Contact Form which blogger has recently introduced.

This Contact Form is easy to add and the only drawback is that you don't have much options to customize this as of now, unless you are good in CSS. Whenever someone sends a message through this Contact Form widget, the senders message will reach your inbox of the email which is linked with Blogger.
Steps to Add Contact FormWidget:
  1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard --> Layout --> Add Widget
  2. Click on More Gadgets.
  3. Now click on Contact Form.
  4. Save the widget and then save the Template
Below is the snapshot of Contact Form :

Below is the snapshot of the email received from Contact Form:

Hope this article was helpful and please don't forget to drop me a line in the comment box if this was useful. :)


February 27, 2013

Display Post Title before Blog Title

Is you blog not driving much attention in Search Engine Results? Do you want to make your blog more visible & reachable? Then read on...

Wait a minute, let me do a quick Google search for my post How to Setup A Blog on Bloggers.

As seen in the above result, by default Blog Title is displayed before Post Title in search engines, this will be less reachable. Wondering why? Let me illustrate with an example...
You search for an article on. Now when you search for a post in Google, you should be able to see many results based on your keyword search. Your post looses attraction as the Post Title doesn't appear first but your Blog Title which appears first doesn't tell anything about the post. So chances are very less for a visitor to click on your link. Its a normal human tendency to click on the links that has more appropriate keywords or on the links which appears at first.
From a better SEO perspective its always good to display Post Title First followed by Blog Title.

February 23, 2013

Add a Signature to your Blog or Web Page

Today I would like to write about adding a personalized signature to your Blog/Web Sites. I will be mentioning about two approaches for adding a personalized signature, whichever is easier go for it. :)

Before looking out how to add signature into the blog, first let us see how to create a it. The simplest way of creating a signature is by visiting
  • Go to and click on Start Now link.
  • Click on Using the signature creation wizard 

  • Provide your Name and click on Next Button

  • Select an appropriate Font and click on Next Button

  • Select your Signature Size and click on Next Button.